Classic Sorting Nigeria Limited | Services
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We provide financial advisory services to our clients aimed at ensuring business survival; growth and expansion as we believe that we are in business only if you and your business continue to strive.


We help shape financial solutions for a lifetime, through a comprehensive and personalized financial services approach built on a long-term relationship with a knowledgeable team.


While we offer a multitude of financial services- with a particular focus personal financial planning investments, retirement, insurance, and wealth preservation strategies- we prefer not to think that we work to enhance the bottom line of a portfolio. Rather, we work to enhance people’s lives and help them pursue their dreams, which in many cases, include incorporating socially screened investments into their asset mix.


A well-rounded portfolio may include other investments and products according to each individual’s needs and suitability, such as:

.  Alternative investments which can help provide diversification from traditional portfolios.

. Individual stocks,  based on either legacy holdings or particular interests.

. Insurance products, such as Long Term Care, Annuities, Universal and Term Coverage also offered when appropriate.


The requirements of funds vary with the life cycle stage of your enterprise. We provide you the funds needed to expand your business and attain the critical mass for profit generation.


As venture capitalists, we cater to the needs of our clients at different stages of their enterprises.


Whether it is Seed Capital, Start-up Capital, Early/First stage Capital, Later/Third stage Capital, CSNL is grounded to provide an excellent financial investment services/advisory tailored to suit your investment dreams.


We can also handle your financial investment expectations targeted at Expansion/Development stage Capital, Replacement Finance and Management Buy out and Buy in/Turnarounds.

CSNL will work professionally to identify and differentiate between types of venture capital investments, each appropriate for the given stage of the investee company and thereafter; facilitate your investment options.


Financial intermediation is the business we know how to do well. It begins with you and your type of investments. We can assure to a 100% that you can leverage on our financial intermediation to achieve your business goals almost stress-free.


We under the intricacies of international financial processes and our wide spectrum of intermediary services have been tailored to help you. Considering the evolving nature of global finance, we continually strive to add value by enhancing and widening our service offerings.


Our comprehensive portfolio of services not only addresses your basic functions but can also be customized to develop specific solutions suitable to your diverse financial needs.