Classic Sorting Nigeria Limited | About The Company
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About Us

Classic Sorting Nigeria Limited (CSNL) is a financial service provider (FSP) built on values of integrity diligence and excellence. Classic Sorting has been in operation since 2006 and provides services for both private and corporate clients
We provide unparalleled financial solutions for our clients with the view of building good lasting relationships, strong capabilities, and mobilizing great businesses.
We strive to provide tailor-made financial solutions and excellent advisory services in order to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our company offers other ancillary services to meet our customer’s needs including investment advice, and financial support services; can remit funds on behalf of our clients to foreign suppliers of imported goods.

We also source investment opportunities for our valued clients by bridging the gap between investors and end users of funds; rendering financial services on related international trades.

Our company is also involved in project management and technical services. We were sub-contractors to maritime offshore Nigeria limited providing consultancy and technical services for the duration of the Addax TB1287 Project.

Mission Statement

To be the preferred financial services provider with excellent financial solutions for businesses and individuals.

Our Vision

To be a world class top provider of personalized financial services with creativity and professionalism that stands out to emerging businesses and discerning individuals, while creating unequalled value.

Our Values

Dependability, Trust, Competence, Integrity, Service.

Our Philosophy

We consider ourselves to be a partner to our clients, not a vendor, by providing service beyond what is required in our contracts. As highlighted in our guiding principles, CSNL was founded on the premise to always “Do Things Right” and this motto still flourishes within our company today.


Management at CSNL has made a conscious decision to control growth so that we never have to compromise our service levels or our reputation in the industry for delivering tailored high-touched services to our clients. By following this philosophy, CSNL has demonstrated a consistent ability over the years to grow revenues while maintaining high levels of service and excellence.


Deeply concerned by our client’s success, we maintain a deep commitment to providing a range of high quality services critical to the growth of your funds.

Our Guiding Principles

1. We are committed to “do things right”
2. We believe that personal relationships are the foundation of great success.
3. We are driven by growth and the challenges and opportunities it presents.
4. We strive to establish and grow relationships with organizations that share our values.
5. We promote an open and enthusiastic environment that leads to job satisfaction career advancement based on merit.

 Executive Management Team


Ademola Adeyemi

Chief Executive Officer


Emmanuel J. Fom

Executive Director, Finance & Risk Management


Teko Oluwatobi

Finance Executive


Adewuyi Mayowa

Head, Information Technology (IT)